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Tips For Parents Treating Their Child To A Birthday Helicopter Tour

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Parents Treating Their Child To A Birthday Helicopter Tour

If your child has a fascination with helicopters, imagine his or her surprise when you arrange a ride in one as a birthday surprise. By taking the time plan ahead for child’s birthday celebration, you can easily fit reservations in for a unique and enjoyable helicopter tour. Check out these tips for helping you plan the birthday treat your child will always remember. Find A Helicopter Charter Service Locating helicopter charter service that you can trust is important. After all, your child will be riding in it. When contacting helicopter charters services, remember to ask about how many people can ride with you and your child. If you are throwing a birthday party and have invited several guests, making reservations for a helicopter ride before or after the party is a good idea. Make sure you find out how much time the helicopter tour will take so you can plan around it. Important Considerations About Your Child’s Flight When you locate a helicopter charter service you prefer, be sure to inquire about any age limits that are in place. If a charter service’s choppers all have open sides and no doors, you will most likely need to find another service. Charter services that have helicopters with closing doors are the best choices for children, especially toddlers. Before you make a final choice about a helicopter charter service, remembering the following is a good idea: If your little will be able to sit on your lap. Most services do not allow children to sit in the same seat with mom and dad for safety reasons. Children need to have their own seat with seat belts on at all times during the flight. Children that are prone to motion sickness may have trouble riding in a helicopter. Take your child’s favorite snacks and beverage along. A hungry kid will not get as much fun out of the helicopter ride as one that is not. Special Destination For A Birthday Celebration Your birthday plans might include a day at an amusement park or zoo in addition to a helicopter ride. Learning more how close the helicopter charter gets to your birthday destination is important for timing. For example, if the park closes at about the same time as the helicopter ride is over, you will need to plan to ride the helicopter earlier in the day. If you would like to carried to a special destination in the helicopter, you should make sure to discuss it with owners of the charter company first. The look of surprise and amazement on your child’s face when he or she sees a helicopter up close will be priceless. If you would like to include a helicopter ride on your child’s birthday celebration, start contacting helicopter charter services today for learning more about it. To learn more, contact a company like Qwest Helicopters...

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Important Reasons You And Your Family Should Take A Firearms Safety Course

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Important Reasons You And Your Family Should Take A Firearms Safety Course

Are you a hunting enthusiast? Or have you inherited a firearm or two from one of your relatives? If either of these apply to you, here are some great reasons to consider taking a Canadian firearms safety course from a company like Trophy Book Archery in Edmonton: Learn to shoot comfortably: If you plan on going hunting, a firearms safety course can show you how to safely fire at your target while remaining hidden. Firing both safely and comfortably from a prone position or from within a duck blind is a learned skill. Practicing this skill during a safety course will help prevent a wide variety of injuries. Without proper training, these injuries could be minor, such as bruising, but could also be more severe and include broken bones. Educate your teenager: Even if you don’t plan on actually keeping any guns in your home, your child could still be exposed to firearms when visiting a friend. If their knowledge about guns comes mostly from movies or video games, an objective qualified expert in a firearms safety course can teach them the consequences of improperly handling weapons. You may not have intentions of obtaining a minor’s license for your teen, but the course will help them know how to handle the situation safely should one of their friends offer to show them their parents’ collection of hunting rifles.  Comply with the laws: If your gun collection consists solely of antique firearms made prior to 1898, then you’re not required to procure a firearms license. However, there may be laws you need to know about in order to transport or display them properly. Taking a Canadian firearms safety course will help you to stay abreast of all current regulations so that you don’t inadvertently run afoul of the law.  Learn proper care techniques: While some people have older relatives to show them how to care for their firearms, not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up in a family of hunting or shooting enthusiasts. Fortunately, shooting your firearm isn’t the only thing that a Canadian firearms safety course will teach. They will also show you how to properly store and maintain firearms so that they are safe to use. Without proper maintenance, a firearm can begin to rust and may eventually explode when fired. A safety course will teach you how to tell whether rust is simply cosmetic or if it compromises the structural integrity of a firearm. Taking a firearms safety course is important for anyone who spends time around guns of any sort. These courses will teach you how to prevent accidents and show you how to keep yourself and everyone else around you safe when handling...

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How Swimming Lessons Help People Of All Ages

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do you have a relative who has never learned how to swim? Do they avoid all forms of water except for what comes out of the tap? Are there members of your family that have learned how to float, but aren’t proficient in the water? Here are some reasons that swimming lessons can be beneficial to people of all ages:  Pride in overcoming fears: Your relative may have never had the chance to unburden themselves about the reason behind their fears. They may have been traumatized by a bad experience, or perhaps they heard frightening stories of others that nearly drowned. They might not like the sensation of having nothing to grab or not being able to touch their feet to a firm surface. Working with professional instructors during swimming lessons will give them a powerful sense of accomplishment as they conquer their frightening feelings.  Eliminating embarrassment: Your elderly relative may have never had the opportunity to learn how to swim as a child, especially if they were raised in a desert area. They don’t have any water phobias, they just never had the opportunity while young. Now that they’re grown, they could feel self-conscious because they never acquired this important skill. They may want to take the time to learn, but are are worried about looking foolish while floundering about in a public pool. Private swimming lessons can give them the seclusion they need in order to learn. Once they’ve acquired the necessary techniques for successful swimming, your relative may want to serve as a role model for other family members. Their achievement will prove to others that age is no barrier to accomplishing goals.  Improved socialization: Your older child or preteen may have rebelled when you tried to teach them to swim at an early age, but now want to learn so they can join in on aquatic fun. They may hold back from participating in water sports and games because they feel inferior to their peers. Signing them up for kids’ swimming lessons will help them to feel confident as they develop their abilities. They soon may feel their swimming is good enough to participate in tubing, waterskiing, or wakeboarding.  Swimming is a fun activity and a good form of low-impact exercise. Swimming helps people to build their physical endurance and improve their overall health while enjoying their time in a pool. Encourage your loved ones of all ages to sign up for swimming lessons with experts like B & C Aquatics Limited so they don’t have to spend time on the sidelines any longer. ...

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How To Keep Up Your Athletic Routine When You’re On The Road

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If you travel a lot for business, you may find it difficult to keep up your home workout routine. Here are eight tips on how to remain athletic while staying in hotels away from home. Exercise in Small Spaces Working out in a hotel room can be challenging. It helps if you have an exercise program that can be done in a small space. Yoga, Pilates, and tai chi all lend themselves to on-the-road workouts. Make sure to pack a yoga mat and comfortable clothes. You can bring your own DVDs or find classes online. To make your workout more comfortable, ask the hotel for a spacious room. If you like to exercise in the pool, it can be tough to swim laps at hotels. Opt instead for a water jogger—a flotation vest that keeps you at the perfect level to run in the pool. Another alternative is doing water aerobics or a ballet barre in the pool. Putting the Hotel to Work for You If you don’t normally call on the hotel concierge for help, now is a good time to start. Your concierge can tell you about activities in town, like 5K runs or dance clubs, where you can get in some exercise. The concierge is also certain to know the best hours to get in a quiet workout at the hotel health club without waiting forever for the most popular pieces of equipment. And if you like to walk or run, the concierge can also suggest routes (and even give you maps) or hook you up with a local running club. You don’t have to wait until you are actually at the hotel to use the concierge; you can phone the concierge in advance of your stay and make requests for the future. The Home Advantage Sometimes finding activities that most replicate your home routine can be the best way to stick with an exercise regimen. If you belong to a health club, find out if they have branches in other cites or if they have reciprocal agreements with other clubs. You could also find a pet-friendly hotel and bring your dog from home. Your dog will need a couple of daily walks, and as much as your pet appreciates the regular exercise, so will you. Traveling out of town doesn’t have to mean giving up your regular exercise routine. With a bit of creativity and advance planning with the hotel you’ll be staying at, you can find something that will help you keep up your healthy habits, whether just one state over or halfway across the...

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Re-Inventing Grandma’s Embroidery: Three Ways To Modernize Vintage Needlepoint

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If you’re attached to old things but want to avoid creating an atmosphere that resembles a nursing home, help is on the way. It’s more than possible to add vintage needlework to your space in ways that are both contemporary and modern. Turn a dresser scarf into a window treatment or a doily into a dish by using the following trendy tips: Buy Ring Clips Ring clips consist of a round metal or plastic ring with a pinch clip dangling from the loop. Thread them onto any curtain rod and you have an instant way to hang any piece of vintage fabric, no sewing required. Using ring clips, you can turn vintage, embroidered dresser scarves, old feed sacks, and even doilies into cute and kitschy window treatments. If your pieces are very vintage or have a lot of sentimental meaning, you may want to add a light-blocking lining to the backs to help prevent sun fade.  Whip Up a Batch of Starch Combine the following ingredients to make your own homemade starch: boiling water corn starch cold water Several recipes exist online to help you combine these three ingredients into liquid starch. Or, take the easier route and buy a bottle of spray starch in the laundry aisle at the supermarket. You can use starch to help you re-purpose many old linens into new items: Arrange a round doily in a fluted bowl and soak it well with the starch. Once it dries, remove the doily from the bowl, and it will keep its shape. Place your vintage doily container on your dresser top to hold rings and trinkets or in the bath to contain small, colorful soaps. You might also lay small embroidered or crocheted doilies on a flat surface and coat them with starch. Once dry, they stay flat and make interesting adornments when strung in windows using clear fishing line or decorative ribbon. Pull Out the Sewing Machine If you’re the crafty sort, dig out your sewing machine and iron and try creating a unique piece of functional art like this clutch. Projects like this one that turn vintage needlepoint into useful items may be too fragile to actually tuck into your purse and carry out into the world, but they look adorable on your nightstand, holding your reading glasses or in the kitchen with recipe cards tucked inside.  There’s no reason decorating with Grandma’s lovingly handcrafted needlepoint has to look dated. Use the tips listed here to fashion modern decor suitable for even the most contemporary home. Contact professionals, such as All Sports Cresting Ltd, for more elaborate...

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5 Exercises To Help Sculpt And Tone Your Arms

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Do your arms need a little bit of toning? Do they keep waving, even after you stop? Then it’s probably time for a workout to tone and sculpt your arms. Adding definition to your arms can be done with just a couple of dumbbells. If you’re just starting out, try using hand weights in a lower weight. See below for five exercises to help you tone and sculpt your arms. Perform all of these exercises ten times to make one set of each, and do them three times per week, every other day. 1. Bent Row Stand with feet hip width apart. Bend forward, and place your left knee and left hand onto a bench. Allow your right hand, holding the dumbbell to dangle at your side. Pull your core/abs tight and begin to pull the dumbbell up and create a 45 degree angle with your right elbow. Lower your arm and repeat this move. Perform ten times, then switch sides. 2. Chest Fly Lay down on a mat, holding dumbbells in both hands. Raise your feet and knees off of the mat to a 90 degree angle. Lift your dumbbells off of the mat and raise your arms up to the ceiling, keeping your elbows slightly bent, palms facing each other. Open your arms and lower to the floor, until your elbows are only about two inches from the floor. Raise your arms again and repeat for ten reps. This exercise also works out your chest. 3. Tricep Extension Stand with your feet hip width apart, dumbbells in each hand. Raise your arms behind your head to a 90 degree angle. Raise your arms above your head and to the ceiling, then lower back to the 90 degree angle. Repeat ten times. You should feel the burn on the back of your arms with this exercise.  4. Arm Curl Stand with your feet hip width apart, holding dumbbells in both hands. Begin with your hand weights down at your sides, then raise them to your chest. Slowly return to the starting position and slowly raise the weights again. Repeat ten times. This exercise targets your biceps and chest. 5. Lateral Raise Stand with your feet hip width apart, holding your dumbbells in both hands. Begin with your weights down at your sides, palms facing inward. Raise your arms out to your sides, keeping your arms straight, so they are parallel to the floor. Lower to the beginning position and repeat. This exercise works out your shoulders and upper back. These exercises are great for a beginner workout, and will help to tone and sculpt your arms. If this workout becomes easy for you, add another set of ten to each exercise or raise the weight of your dumbbells. You’ll grow more comfortable with these moves and others as you regularly work out at home or at a gym, such as Burlington Racquet & Athletic Club...

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How To Have Fun While Being Safe When Bringing A Child To A Water Park

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If you have planned a trip that involves time at a water park, the thought of bringing a smaller child may make you a little bit nervous. However, the bigger kids are begging to go. What do you do? You can’t deny the older ones having their fun because of a younger one. You can have fun at a water park with a toddler by using the helpful tips below. Research The Attractions Before you leave for your trip to a water park like Bissell’s Hideaway, check to see what types of attractions are available. You will be able to plan accordingly if you know what to expect. Most water parks do have some things that will appeal to younger children. If you are aware of where they are located throughout the park, you will be able to look forward to taking your youngster to these while the older children enjoy the wilder rides. Bring Enough Help Do not try to go to a water park without at least one other adult to help you. Even if the older children seem like they would be fine on their own, it is best to have one adult stay with the toddler at all times while another adult will be available to assist the others in the party. You will be able to split up once in a while so that the younger child can enjoy an attraction at the same time that the older ones are on their own rides.  What To Bring Pack more than you think you might need. It is best to have too many things than be missing something that would have made things easier. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, swim diapers, regular diapers, a change of clothing, a second bathing suit, a small umbrella, spare cash, bottled water, and a few toys. Bring a stroller to the park even if you think you will not need it. There is nothing worse than a cranky, tired toddler and having to walk the entire length of the park to get to your vehicle.  Find out in advance if the water park will have life vests available to use or to rent. If not, you will want to bring one with you so that your little one is safe. Find out what the park policy is on bringing in food from the outside. Some parks allow you to bring a picnic lunch or snacks, but others are strict on not having food items from home so that you purchase food in the park. You can always bring lunch and leave it in your car. Leave the park partway through your intended stay and take a break to eat. You will be allowed to reenter after your...

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Tandem Skydiving : The Ultimate Bucket List Experience

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If skydiving is something on your bucket list that you keep pushing back due to a fear of the unknown, there is no better time than the present to embrace your sense of adventure and go for it. Skydiving is a true life-changing experience as there is nothing more freeing than soaring through the air on a natural adrenaline rush, and the best part is that you don’t have to go it alone. Tandem skydiving allows individuals to free fall through the wild blue yonder while safely attached to a professional instructor who assists with every step of the process. Read on to learn more about the exciting process of a tandem skydiving jump. Before the Jump-Ground Training Session So, you have taken the first step and signed up for your tandem skydive. What happens next? When you arrive at the skydiving facility, you will be provided with a ground training session prior to taking your big leap. During the session, your instructor will explain how the equipment works and advise you on what to expect when you exit the aircraft. They will also teach you basic free fall positions and explain the landing process. If you begin to feel apprehensive, it is important to remember that your instructor will literally be with you every step of the way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Once your training session concludes, you will be provided with a skydiving jumpsuit, safety goggles, and an altimeter, a device that tracks your distance off the ground. You will then be fitted with a special harness that is designed to attach securely to your instructor’s harness. Up and Away You Go The time has now come to board the aircraft from which you will take your jump. Your instructor will conduct a brief review of your ground lesson, and you will be on your way. Once the plane reaches the appropriate altitude, your instructor will attach their harness to yours, and you will prepare to exit the aircraft. Your instructor will step off the plane and instruct you to get into position. The next thing you know, you will be soaring through the air at lightning speed. As you free fall, your instructor, like from Skydive Burnaby, will take the reigns and open the parachute when you reach a specific altitude.  Once the parachute is open, you will simply glide through the air until you reach the ground. Your instructor may also hand over the steering toggles at this time and offer you a chance to steer the parachute. If you are apprehensive, there is nothing to fear. Whether you decline the offer or decide to give it a go, your instructor is right by your side, so there is no risk of danger. Back to Earth The final stretch of your jump will consist of a soft landing. As you get closer to the ground, your instructor will advise you to get into position and steer the parachute until you are safely on the ground. Once you have landed, your instructor will detach his harness and your journey will be complete. Congratulations! Your bucket list mission is now accomplished, but don’t be surprised if you are suddenly overcome with the desire to do it all over...

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